The Top 100 Graphic Novels So Far - Interlude

We take a breather from counting down the top 100 best graphic novels

We've counted down from 100-89 in our list of the best graphic novels published to date, and now is as good a time as any for a recap. So what have we chosen so far? Which books made the cut? Although it might be early days in the list, I have to tell you, it wasn't easy. If you're a massive fan of a certain medium, like films or fiction books for instance, you may read thousands of them over the course of you life time, and you could quite easily watch thousands of films. How would you go about chipping a top 100 list out of the marble? It's difficult - there's a constant feeling that I'm missing something out, or that I haven't done a book justice in writing its review.

Choice-wise, so far I think there has been a good mix. In Jinx, Eightball and Safe Area Garazde, you get something different from the usual superhero fare. If you're a fan of classic comic book subjects though, don't despair. I've already covered quite a few of the best superhero comics in X-Force, Wolverine: Blood Debt and Justice League: A New Beginning.

If you've been reading from #100 I hope you've found this useful and entertaining so far, and I hope you have found something to read. That's the goal of this site, after all. If you're not reading the books I'm suggesting then I'm kind of missing the mark. Keep up with me as I continue the list, and if you see something you like, then buy it. Happy reading.

If you've just found the site through this page, you can either cut straight to the complete list so far, or you can start at the top with #100.