Best Avengers Graphic Novels

The Avengers have never been so popular. The stars of their own near-summer blockbuster, the gang are reaching out to movie fans all over the world and drawing them in. You might have found this page after seeing the movie, or you might be a graphic novel fan looking for something else to read. If you want to know which Avengers book you should get, here are some of the best.

Which Avengers comics should you read?

Avengers: The Kree/Skrull War

 Earth is stuck in the middle of a spat between the Kree and the Skrulls. Well, it's more of a full-on war than a spat, but we're slap bang in the middle and unless the Avengers do something about it, someone's going to get hurt. The Kree/Skrull war is one of the most epic of Avengers storylines.

Avengers Assemble Vol 1

 Written and illustrated by capable comic book duo Kurt Busiek and George Perez, Avengers Assemble is the story of the team's fight against old foe Morgan Le Fey, a not-so-nice lady who's got it in for the Avengers. Oh, and they go back in time.

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Avengers: Disassembled


Avengers: Disassembled changed everything and ushered in a new era for the superhero gang. It was written by Brian Michael Bendis who, if you've been reading this site or just love graphic novels, you'll recognise as the creator of Jinx (the book that kicks off our top 100 list). I don't want to spoil the plot of this one because it's a biggie, but rest assured that things are not the same after the conclusion of this book.

The New Avengers Vol 1

 No list of the best Avengers books is complete without mentioning New Avengers. Following on from what happened in Avengers: Disassembled, New Avengers is the start of a new era. This book is a continuation of Bendis' vision for the team, and David Finch's artwork brings it to life. This is the Avengers for a new generation.

The Last Avengers Story


Nothing really ends in the comic book world. People die, then they come back. You could see a man get hung, his limbs chopped off, burned into ashes and the ashes blasted into the sun, and then next day he could stroll into the room eating a Mars Bar. Readers of graphic novels don't trust the words 'the end', 'death' and 'last'. So how is this book any different?

Well, it's an alternative history. A story of how the Avengers story could turn out, rather than how it actually does. With this in mind, the writers of The Last Avengers Story are free to dream up whatever fates for the heroes as they see fit. If you ever wondered how things turn out for the good guys, read this book and find out.

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