Best Justice League Graphic Novels

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Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern..the list goes on and on. And no, this isn’t a preview of 2012’s upcoming summer blockbuster movies (although the Dark Knight Rises is out in July), instead it is a cast-roster of one of the greatest superhero groups of all time – Justice League.

Our favourite band of caped heroes first showed up in 1960, and since then they’ve appeared in countless comics and stories. If you’re interested in reading a few of their books, knowing where to start is tough -there are just so many. This post is an attempt to make some recommendations. These are Justice League books that you can pick up and enjoy on their own, and if you want more then you may want to start reading the series chronologically. Here we go.


 World War III saw Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman battle Lex Luthor and
Prometheus in the comic equivalent of a big budget blockbuster. This story acted as a sort of curtain call for a JLA story run, with loads of characters showing up and taking a bow, even some characters who only appeared up in a single frame three issues earlier. The one thing I would say before you buy this book is that it is great on its own, but if you read the preceding volumes, it becomes something really amazing.


Coming straight after the astonishing Armageddon of World War III, many people though JLA 7 was going to be a let-down, that it couldn’t match the story and events of its predecessor. Luckily, Tower of Babel doesn’t try to match WWIII blow for blow. Instead it drills down onto the character of Batman, and gives him a story that shows why the Dark Knight is a key part of Justice League. Sometimes overlooked because of his lack of superpowers, in Tower of Babel Batman gets a story full of trust issues, morally ambiguous choices and a fight against a great villain (Ras Al Ghul making a welcome appearance).

JLA 8: Divided We Fall

Wow, what a run. First WWIII, then Tower of Babel, and just when you thought the series was due a crash, Divided We Fall shows up. Now, I don’t want to give anything away, but something happens in Tower of Babel that JLA have to deal with in this book. Due to the actions of one character, politics and in-fighting are the order of the day in JLA, and Divided We Fall charts the shattering of a once strong group.

JLA / Avengers

This was a wet dream for many graphic novels fans. With Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Thor and many more all linking arms, JLA / Avengers puts together two of the most awesome superhero gangs and has them fight a threat to mankind that is massive. So massive, in fact, that it threatens not one, but two dimensions. Whoa. This is like Expendables but for comics; a star studded roster of who’s who in the superhero world.

Justice League New Beginning

We already included Justice League: A New Beginning in our top 100 list because we feel it is the best Justice League book out there. It took a series that some felt was running out of steam and it shook it up. A New Beginning is lauded by some fans as one of the greatest superhero books of all time. I find it hard to disagree.

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