Best Wolverine Graphic Novels

Time for a detour from our top 100 list.

The Avengers may be having their day in the sun with one of the biggest films of 2012 currently battering the cinemas, but there is a superhero team that is even more famous than Thor and company – the X-Men. The collection of mutants led by Charles Xavier have spawn countless comic books and stories, as well as a TV cartoon and blockbuster films. They're doing well for themselves. This post isn't about the X-Men as a group though, it is about their most famous member; Wolverine.

With his metal adamantium skeleton, razor sharp claws, accelerated healing rate and overall badass attitude, it's no surprise that Wolverine is a popular character. I have already included one of his graphic novels in the top 100 list, but I thought I'd take a break from the countdown and suggest some other books of his for you to read.

So, here we go. Six of the best Wolverine books.


You'll know Eduardo Risso from his genius 100 Bullets book (or if you don't, then look out for it later in our list). In Logan, Risso puts his unique spin one of fiction's greatest heroes. In three issues, Logan delves into Wolverine's past and visits some of the battlefields where he got his demons.


The character's first solo outing, Wolverine is illustrated by Frank Miller of Sin City fame and written by Chris Claremont. It is a story of honour and love, where we see our clawed hero start to come into his own. Anything involving Frank Miller is usually worth a punt, and his spin on this character is no exception.

Weapon X 

Weapon X was written in 1991, and was one of the early Wolverine prequel stories. It explored Logan's origins as a weapon that some thought they could control, but with horrible results. If you're building up your own Wolverine library, this should be a part of it.


Another prequel story, this one concerns itself with Wolverine and his internal battle with his anger and the beast inside. Origin, written by comic legend Joe Quesada, spans way back to the 19th century and goes deeper into the back story of the feral character than any book has done to date. This is classic reading for any fan.

Enemy of the State 

No, not the Will Smith film. This is an action packed Wolverine story, basically the metal-spined killing machine being a violent badass and fighting anyone foolish enough to get in his way. In this case, his enemy is someone all too familiar. A good tag line for Enemy of the State would be: Wolverine fights everyone in sight. Then fights some more.

Blood Debt

If you've been following this site, you will have seen Blood Debt already. It came in at number 95 on our list, a respectable placing for any book. Blood Debt is a story of honour set in Japan, displaying some great visuals and set pieces. For the full review, you can just go here.

You should have enough there to be getting on with. If you're just starting out on Wolverine books, these are good ones to go for. After that, there's still plenty more out there, and I'd be glad to point you in the right direction if you need more. Otherwise, make sure you come back to the site because we will be continuing the top 100 list in the next couple of days. Happy reading.