Best Hulk Graphic Novels

He’s a short-tempered, over-grown, muscled-up piece of broccoli. He needs to take a good long look at himself and how he acts around others, and after that a few months of one-on-one anger management therapy wouldn’t go amiss. I’m talking about the Hulk, or course. Although you will notice that I’m talking about him. I’d never say these things to him.

I tell people I like reading Hulk graphic novels because he makes me think about the duality of man and about the anger that is inside all of us straining at its chains, and about how we are only one accident away from unleashing it. That’s total BS; mostly I just like to see Hulk smash stuff.

Let’s take a look at some of the greatest Hulk comics.

Essential Rampaging Hulk

In Rampaging Hulk our hero is no longer green; instead the whole book is printed in black and white. This book stands out because it is completely different from any other Hulk comic with its stories of aliens and general weirdness. It helps that it chucks in an impressive cast roster of Thor, Ant Man and Iron man to boot.

Incredible Hulk Visionaries

Separating Siamese twins is a difficult and dangerous procedure but legendary comic guru John Byrne managed that with his Visionaries story run, a series of Hulk issues that dealt with Bruce’s separation from Hulk and the ensuing battle between them. If you’re new to the character this is a great place to get started.

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Planet Hulk

Imagine a planet populated by nothing but Hulks. Tough to do, isn’t it? That’s because it’s impossible. This isn’t about such a planet, instead it is about what happens to our green hero after he is betrayed by those he trusts and blasted into outer space in a similar way as to when the teacher would send the school bully out of class.

World War Hulk

Dark Knight aside, movies based on graphic novels tend to be all action no plot, whereas the comics they are based on have a lot more to say in terms of characterisation and development. World War Hulk is the opposite. It is a Hulk comic that doesn’t want to get involved in it's characters conflicts and motivations but instead delivers a hell of a lot of action.

Hulk vs The Marvel Universe

I love it when two universes collide, and Hulk vs the Marvel Universe is one of the best examples of this out there. This comic has everyone in it, from the Fantastic four to Thor and Daredevil to Spiderman. Of the five graphic novels I have listed, this is my pick of the bunch.

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  1. Cool List.

    Do you know if the old stories when Doctor Strange banished The Hulk to the crossroads dimension was ever collected?

  2. Thanks for reading. I haven't been able to find a collection like that, but I'll keep a look out and post it in the comments section here if I ever find it.