Read Comics Online

A revolution has taken over the publishing world over the last five to ten years with the Amazon Kindle as its driving force, and things have gotten a lot easier for people to read books digitally. Unfortunately the same can't be said for comics. Despite also being a printed medium, the distribution of graphic novels is years behind and is not showing signs of catching up.

Some publishers are trying to bridge the gap, with Marvel’s digital comic service being the best known. If you don’t know much about this, the basic idea is that you pay a monthly subscription and you get access to Marvel’s archive of work to read on your laptop. It’s like a Netflix for comics. The problem this service suffers from is that unlike Netflix, you can’t access Marvel’s library from your iPad, iPhone or Android devices. This limits its usefulness tremendously. I had high hopes for the idea, but for now I have cancelled it.

If you want to read comics online your options are severely limited, but I’ve compiled a list of some of the resources out there. If you come across any more sites that let you view stories on the net please let me know and I’ll update this.

Read Dc Entertainment: You can get a selection of free and paid DC content from here. At the time of writing the free comics include Justice League, Catwoman and a bunch of sneak peeks.

Loren Collins: I like this site. You don't get a massive amount of content but there are some tasters to be had. Highlights include 100 Bullets #1 and Transmetropolitan #1.

Batoto - Full of the weird and wonderful. Titles include Boy of the Female Wolf and Sandwich Girl.

Gamestotal - A selection of manga comics available for free.