The Walking Dead Compendium One Review - Should you buy it?

The Walking Dead is one of the most exciting, fun, violent and deep comic experiences of the last decade, and compendium one is the perfect place to start.  You’ve seen the TV series and you’ve listened to your friends tell you to buy the graphic novel, but you’re still wondering if you should. The answer is yes. Read on to find out why.

Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore write and illustrate the story of Rick Grimes as he tries to survive in a world overrun by zombies. He meets other survivors and together they try to find just one safe place in America, a dream that is impossible when cannibalistic monsters are round every corner and your human companions are even less trustworthy than them.

Can a comic really be violent and deep?

I became a fan Walking Dead through the TV show, and after watching season one I was in despair at the yearlong wait ahead of me for season two. I just had to know more of this world and find out what happened to the characters, so I bought The Walking Dead Compendium One.Just in case you were wondering, I wasn't given a review copy. Nobody at Image Comics knows about this blog, but even if they did I would gladly have paid for this book.

A lot of zombie graphic novels would have taken the route of guns, guns, guns and focused on the action as their heroes blasted zombie heads into a hundred pieces. This volume doesn't choose this route, instead Kirkman’s writing focuses on the characters emotions, their relationships with each other and their feelings as they move through their new world.

Volume one brings together issues 1-48 of the graphic novel, charting Rick Grimes’s journey from waking up in a hospital bed a la 28 Days Later to getting a horse and travelling to Atlanta. It is 1088 pages of brilliant characters with a sprinkling of zombie killing action.

The Walking Dead Compendium One : Why should I buy it?

First to those who have seen the TV series and are wondering what the graphic novel can offer them let me assure you, the comic is different from the TV show. Volume one does follow a similar path to the show, but around the midpoint things get different, and by the end it has taken several alternative forks in the road. There are different characters, different situations and Tony Moore’s imagery of the Robert Kirkman's world will give you a surprise.

For those new to the comic and the TV show I apologise, because much of this review has been aimed at people with some working knowledge of Robert Kirkman’s creation. If you’re new to the WD world then I would highly recommend to you if you want something to read that is accessible, deep, violent and though-provoking. Kirkman’s writing delivers a good mix of action and character development, and some of the stories get darker than a Wes Craven film.

The Walking Dead Compendium One Review Scores

For fans of the TV series: 8/10
New to the story: 9/10

Here's the trailer for the TV Show for those new to the series:

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