A word about the posting schedule

Hi everyone. Thanks for reading the list so far, I hope you've found something to read.

I get a lot of comments and emails when the list is going to be finished so I thought I'd let you know about the planned posting schedule. You probably found me through Google, saw the title "top 100 graphic novels" and thought "Woohoo, a list of the hundred best comics, just what I was looking for!". And then you loaded the page, saw I'm currently only on #52 then told told your friends what an ass I am.

This is a work in progress. I already know the 100 books that will feature but it's just writing the reviews that is time consuming. I work a full time job so I'm just doing this for fun and I'm also getting married next year, so you can imagine the stuff that already takes up my time. Or if you don't know now, you will in a few years I bet!

So, the posting schedule. I'm going to post one entry on the list each week for definite, and this will be posted every Sunday. If I get time to write a couple more entries during the week then cool, I'll post them. If not, just bare with me.  If you don't want to keep checking back just sign up below with your email address and each new post will be sent straight to you hot off the press.

Don't miss out on the top 100 list!  

I love hearing from you guys so keep the comments and emails coming. I'd also like to know what you think I should do after the list - I was thinking of doing genre lists like top 50 crime graphic novels or top 50 superhero books. What do you think?

Thanks for reading and make sure you keep coming back. Tell your friends about my site!