Bestselling Graphic Novels March 2013

Which graphic novels were you guys buying last month? Diamond Comics have release their figures for March 2013 and it makes interesting reading, with Marvel taking a 39.96% share and DC trailing behind at 27.09%. Image Comics, IDW Publishing and Dark Horse all had a good month too, taking 19% of the market between them.

So those are the figures for the publishers, but which books did best? Which graphic novels are you buying? Read on to find out.

1) Batman Volume 2: The City of Owls
(written by Scott Snyder, artwork by Greg Capullo and Rafael Albuquerque)

The continuation of Scott Snyder’s highly praised first volume, City of Owls sees Batman fight an enemy he thought was a legend, one that makes him realise he doesn’t know Gotham City as well as he thought. Snyder’s storyline is fresh but we still get to see some good old Batman detective work and fighting action.

2) Batman Volume 1: The Court of Owls
(written by Scott Snyder, artwork by Greg Capullo and Rafael Albuquerque)

This is the starting place for Snyder’s Batman story. Evidently you guys have been looking forward to some Batman action and Snyder has dutifully delivered. If you want an awesome two volume Bat story this is where to begin.

3)Hawkeye - Volume 1: My Life As A Weapon
(written by Matt Fraction, artwork by David Aja and Javier Pulido)

Hawkeye has always been popular but with the success of last year’s Avengers he has become an A-list graphic novel character. Matt Fraction helms the latest story where Hawkeye becomes the most wanted man in the world. The writing is great, the artwork fantastic and you’ll be hard pressed to find a more entertaining book this year.

4) Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Search Part 1
(Written by Gene Luen Yang, artwork by Gurihiru)

Zuko finally gets close to finding out what happened to his mother in this highly anticipated entry in the Avatar series. If you’re a fan of the show but you’ve never read the comics you are really missing out.

5) The Walking Dead Volume 1: Days Gone Bye
(written by Robert Kirkman)

AMC’s show is the most watched drama in television history, so I wouldn't expect the book to leave the bestseller lists any time soon. In case you missed it, the book made my top 100 list and I consider it essential reading for any graphic novel fan.

6) Avengers vs. X-Men
(written by Brian M Bendis, artwork by Jason Aaron)

Brian M Bendis’s massive superhero team crossover has been doing the business since last November. Reviews haven’t been as good as some of Bendis’s other work but this is still a fun book with a tight plot. The only thing that suffers here is the characterisation, but perhaps Bendis felt the space available to him was too limited to get too in-depth.

7) Kick Ass 2
(written by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr)

With the Kick Ass 2 film on the way interest has been high in the books. With the first book being so amazing, Mark Millar had a massive task on his hands trying to match it with a sequel. I think he manages it with Kick Ass 2; there are adult themes, interesting new characters and it builds on the ideas of the first book.

8) Kick-Ass 2 Prelude - Hit-Girl
(written by Mark Millar, artwork by John Romita Jr)

Part one of the follow up to Kick Ass gives Hit-Girl her own storyline and it’s exactly what you’d expect – full of blood and bullets. This focuses on her struggle to carry on her heroic adventures whilst her mum expects her to stay in school. The story zips along and the humour is spot on. A definite read.

9) Saga Volume 1 TP
(written by Brian Vaughan, artwork by Fiona Staples)

This must be the odds-on favourite for the next graphical novel to be earmarked for film development. The writing, emotional and deep, is exactly what you’d expect from Brian Vaughan and it seems like it was made for the big screen. In fact, I think most movie scriptwriters could learn something from this comic.

10) Earth 2 Volume 1: The Gathering
(written by James Robinson, artwork by Nicola Scott)

Earth 2 represents DC and James Robinson’s tinkering around with continuity time lines (as if it wasn't already hard enough to follow all the different alternate universes and plots). This is a new beginning for some of the best known graphic novel characters with Flash, Green Lantern and Hawk Girl all getting changes.