Five Graphic Novel Kickstarters You Need to Back

Since Kickstarter launched in 2009 it has helped fund all sorts of cool and useful projects that otherwise might not have been completed. I get the feeling that crowd-sourced funding is only just getting started and that people are going to start demanding more and more say in the media projects they want to see made.

Here are five current Kickstarter graphic novel campaigns that I think deserve your help.

The Last West
$45,000 goal

The Last West is a graphic novel from Evan Young and Lou Lovino that imagines what life would be like if all technological progress suddenly stopped. Lovino says the idea came from a 2008 Wired article and a picture of the Walker Library of the History of Human Imagination.

Fund this for: the idea, the passion of the team and the awesome looking visuals.
Rewards for backing: props from the comic, t-shirts, become a character in the book.

Quick the Clockwork Knight
$1000 goal

A three volume graphic novel with a steam punk twist. The first volume is ready and this kickstarter is to fund the print run, hence the low funding goal.

Fund this for: the steampunk themes and because the low target gives this a great chance of getting printed.
Rewards for backing: Copies of the book, sketches, your name printed in the book.

100 Days of Death
$40,000 goal

From artist Tommy Castillo comes 100 Days of Death, the graphic novel adaptation of Ray Ellingsen's novel. This is the story of one man and his dog in an apocalyptic world.

Fund this for: a man fighting off zombies with his faithful dog at his side.
Rewards for backing: book downloads, copies of the graphic novel, Skype time with the author.

Mind of Mirrors
$30,000 goal

Dan and Leland, a four piece rock band, recorded a studio album that told a story. They decided a graphic novel would be the perfect accompaniment to the tale their music told and so brought in artist Tom Hodges to help them make a book.

Fund this for: the cool idea and the music if it's your thing.
Rewards for backing: a party with the band, a jam session with the band, become a character in the novel.

$53,929 goal

A graphic novel with great ambitions, Treadwater is about a secret organisation that keep a chaotic world together. The creators are promising it will be beautiful and of epic proportions.

Fund this for: the team are obviously heavily invested in their story and want to deliver an experience.
Rewards for backing: copies of the script, a page in the graphic novel based on you, get a speaking role as a character.