Kickstarter Time Again: Vex, Another Graphic Novel That Needs Your Help

I know a lot of the time I write about graphic novels that have been published and had masses of critical acclaim already, but I really love seeing indie comics develop and prosper. This is why I have a bookmark list 100+ items long full of webcomics. It’s getting ridiculous, to be honest, I just have too many great comics to read. Luckily I have a 2 hour daily commute so I actually have time to do it.

Aside from following webcomics there is another way you can support indie graphic novel writers and artists, and that’s through Kickstarter. You might have read a post on this site a couple of weeks ago where I rounded up five comic Kickstarter projects I think you should back. Those five were just the start of it. There are loads of comics on Kickstarter that look amazing and deserve a few quid out of your paycheck.

I’m going to write about them as and when I come across projects that look awesome. Here's one that I found today:


Brian Shearer and Daniel Paris’s graphic novel about a jock whose yearbook gets cursed by a gypsy. This is already available to read in full online, and has been running since 2010, but the Kickstarter would allow the authors to actually get it into print. I’m excited about this one and will certainly be spreading the word. It’s getting a place on my bookshelf.

Brian has worked on some big names like Transformers and G.I Joe, and in between being a father and working he also manages to cram the time to make his own graphic novel. He and Daniel have worked together a while now and even set up Mental Cat Productions to identify their collaborative work. Both of them are on Twitter, so if you want to have a chat with them before donating then just tweet them a question. I'm sure they'd love to hear from their fans.

Rewards wise, donate to Vex and you'll can get a prologue that isn't available online, a printed copy of the book, original character sketches, and dinner with the author (just joking about the last part.)

Check out both the Kickstarter project and the webcomic and see if you like what's on offer.