Win the Walking Dead Compendium Vol 1

Want to start reading the Walking Dead? I'll give you volume 1 of the compendium for free. All you have to do is be creative.

How to win

This is all about getting creative, digging deep into your brain and coming up with something new. I don't want you to answer a lame question, I don't want you to share this with 50 Facebook friends and I don't want your home address and telephone number.

I want you to design a graphic novel character.

He can be a hero, he can be a villain. He can be a dog if that's what you really want. He just has to be cool, cool enough for me to want to read a story with him in it. Have a think on it. Got an idea? Good, here's how to enter:

1) Show me what he/she looks like. This can be as bad a drawing as you want, I won't judge you on the quality.

2) Tell me his backstory in one paragraph. Where did he come from?

3) Tell me what he wants. What is he trying to get? Where's he going? Who's he running from? Again, one paragraph please.

4) Tell me one more thing about him. This can be anything you want.

Once you've got this, email it to me at

Competition Rules
1) Entries close on 2nd May 2013.
2) More than one entry per person IS allowed.
3) If I think of any more relevant rules I'll add them.

What will I do with the character?
Right now, I'm not sure. I just want to hear from you and see what cool stuff you come up with. Later, who knows? I might try and put a comic together. Maybe we could all vote on the story lines and you could suggest new characters to introduce or even which ones to kill off. We could start a community run graphic novel series.