Sandman Slipcase Set - Massive Sale on Amazon

One of the best series ever written
Complex and deep characters
A gorgeous-looking collection
Every single book in one set

You won't want to bend the pages or fold them (if that's usually your thing)

There’s not much you can say that hasn’t already been said about Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series; it is simply one of the best graphic novels ever written. In fact, I’d go a little further and say that it’s not just one of the greatest comics ever written, but it also deserves its place on the list of top fiction series ever created. When it came out in 1989 it blew graphic novel fans away with its beautifully magical and weird world, its sublime artwork, and its superb writing from Gaiman.

In short it changed the comic book world when it first hit the shelves, and many of the books you read today will have taken something from Sandman. The respect it gets from both fans and other graphic novel creators is obvious when you consider that the book and its various spinoffs won 26 Eisner awards, many of them for the story and the writing. I remember borrowing a copy off my friend and just being completely amazed. It’s hard to describe the feeling now, but we just hadn’t seen anything like Sandman before.

The complete set is on sale in a beautiful slipcase collection with gorgeously remastered and recolored art work. It feels great to be able to have all ten books in one place, and especially in a set that looks so fantastic on a bookshelf. Fans of the series, and newcomers to it, won’t be disappointed. The only drawback is that it is quite pricey, but you can always get a dog-eared copy from the local library if you just want to read the book. It's better to get the set than buying the books seperately though; you'll have to fork out $20 per book if you buy them one by one.

I’m a bit gutted that I bought it last year to be honest, because I had to drop the full $200 to get it. Now Amazon has decided to cut 40% off the price, making the collection $79 dollars cheaper, although I’m not sure how long for. If you’ve been looking to read Sandman and you love having a collectible book then this is a good time to get hold of it. This is a series that doesn’t just live up to the massive hype around it; it completely and utterly exceeds it.