Top 100 Best Graphic Novels and Comics - Welcome!

Comics, comics, comics...

Hello and welcome to the site. You're probably here because you are trying to decide which comics to buy. Whether you're new to the world of graphic novels or you've been a fan for years, check out our list and you'll find something to read.

Batman, Superman, X:Men, Marvel, DC, Dark Horse...where do you  start?

Well it's tough finding something to read if you don't know where to begin. This site was created to solve that problem. The top 100 list covers a wide range of comics from Spiderman and Batman to DC, Marvel and Dark Horse. We look at superhero stories, crime stories, books based on real life and fantastic tales of action and adventure. We chose books that you will be able to buy at your local graphic novel store or online at Forbidden Planet.

It was hard to select one hundred graphic novels from the thousands and thousands out there, and I think that sometimes books from certain publishers (DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image) can get more press attention than others. For this list we made it our mission to choose books based solely on quality. We didn't pick big-name titles just because they are well-known, we picked them for how good they are as titles. If you see a Batman or Superman book on the list, it's because it deserves to be there.

On the navigation bar you will see a link to the complete graphic novel list, but you can also visit the different section if you want. For every comic book on the list there is a review with some of our personal thoughts and why we chose that particular graphic novel. Once you've found one you want to read, go to Amazon or Forbidden Planet and get it for the cheapest price you can find. Buying comics online is all about finding where the sales are.

If there are graphic novels on the list that you think are pure crap then let us know! If there are comics that we've missed out and that you feel deserve their place on the list, then let us know! Everyone has different opinions when it comes to comics, superheroes and what they like to read, so you should start a discussion if you've got something to say.